What is the difference of clearing colors by vkCmdBeginRenderPass and vkCmdClearColorImage?


I try to create a texture with initial value by clear color parameter of vkCmdBeginRenderPass. However, renderdoc display the texture as layout_undefined, and no validation error occurs.


Here is my usage of this texture. The texture is created with multiple mip map. I initial the texture by clear value parameter of vkCmdBeginRenderPass. The level 0 of the texture is used as shader input, the leve 1 is used as render target. The following pseudocode is how I did.

SetImageLayout(texture.level1, renderpass.initialLayout)

There is no validation error, which should mean the image layout transition is correct. However, the renderdoc capture display the texture as layout_undefined. Is the way of clearing color wrong? Do I need to use the vkCmdClearColorImage?

I have figured out. The level 0 of the texture is not render target, clear value parameter of vkCmdBeginRenderPass does not affect it

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