The Opalis-Demo is released!!!

After six months of work (not continuously of course) Opalis is released on my homepage:

The Demo runs on Windows, is written in C and uses OpenGL for all its graphics. You should own a Pentium III 500 or better CPU, a Riva TNT-class graphic-board and a soundcard. The demo defaults to a resolution of 800x600 pixels in current colordepth (16 or 32bit).
On Windows NT 4.0 you can just start the demo , on Win9x you have to switch off the “always on top”-checkbox of the taskbar. (Win2000 is untested at this time)

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P.S.: I would like to get any response…

I tried it out on my machine (Dell PIII dual
600 mhz, Matrox G400, win2K) and it had
serious visual artifacts.When I quit
the demo all the text on my screen in every
window was scrambled. I had to reboot to correct the problem.

Maybe it’s just my configuration. Matox’s drivers don’t seem to be that great.


Tried your demo on p3-700/GeForce DDR and it ran around 1 FPS. Must be a w2k issue i think as this other fellow seemed to have the same problems as I. Running w2k professional.

i tries -window -nosound options. still no better. Although i didnt get the visual artifacts just slow performance.

Hi Mark !

Tried to run it on Dual Pentium III 600Mhz 512Mb with ELSA Erazor X2 (GeForce DDR 32Mb) running Windows NT SP6a.

As for the guys above : desperately slow (no animation but a succession of still images every 2 or 3 seconds).

Tried it with various options : still the same. In fullscreen mode, nothing appears !

You might have a problem with the inits of the OpenGL which would fall back to software mode… Or perhaps a timer problem.

Well, I hope you will fix this coz’ this dem o seems interesting !



About the same results for me… a new animation every 1-2 seconds… It looks like it have fall back to software rendering to me… by some reason. tried at 16 and 32 bit desktop, same result.

p2 466 geforce ddr

The still images looked nice though!


I had the opportunity to run the demo myself on a GeForce and it did only software-rendering. I don’t know, why, but I think I shold post my initialisaton-code. Perhaps you have any idea. Sorry.

Sounds a good idea to me : we might be able to spot where the problem is !


Can’t see the demo
He complains that is missing IJL10.dll
anyonw knows what this is?


I think ijl10.dll is a standard lib of routines that goes with the “OpenGL Challenge” skeleton app. You should be able to find the Challenge homepage from a link on the main site; any of the entry downloads should have the lib in.

Can not see the demo because there is no wl10.dll , anyone knows what this file is?

It’s intel jpg library, for loading jpg’s i guess.

Yes, it ran at 4spf(sec per fra) here too.

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If you use some kind of polygon smoothing (edges), it might be it. It makes the geforce go software OpenGL…


Sorry for the ijl10.dll-bug ! Somehow I messed up a few changes in the release-version. That is fixed in the actual downloadable file.

The other thing is: I use the following inits:


(all important inits are summarized in:
There is a link on my homepage, too)

Is the second Hint the reason for software-rendering on a GeForce?

I compiled a version with the above hints set to GL_DONT_CARE. It’s available as Test-version on my hompage, too. Perhaps you can try this?

That’s much better !

I thought about it yesterday evening : when I first received my GeForce, I had GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH enabled in one of my programs and it made the card SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW !

Your new version works perfectly !

Great effects !!!



The new version of Opalis is released now. I fixed a “bug” (more a workaround) which prevents GeForce graphic-cards to use hardware acceleration.

Tip: don’t use glHint( GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH_HINT, GL_NICEST ) if your demo should run on a GeForce. It runs only with GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH_HINT, GL_DONT_CARE )!!

Thank you AndersO and Eric (and of course all the others).

Enjoy the show.

P.S.: the ijl10.dll-bug is also fixed

Great demo Marc

keep it up


Yea… thought it might be that… Have had the same problem.


Kind of a slow slideshow, albiet enjoyable.

pIII 500mhz, 64mb Savage4 3d 32mb video card

Celeron 300MHz, 128 MB ram, TNT, Win2k.

I’m running at 640x480x32 (strange, but this mode is faster that 320x240x32 ), and framerade never drops below 25 fps!!!

Nifty demo!

And as your readme.txt said, use large speakers, and I did. Kinda cool while using a 19" screen and a completely dark room

No problems at all.

ps. It’s fun to see the good ol’ TNT beat a GeForce in fps

OH Good job man!!! It ran like a dream on:
PII 450MHz

I’ve been getting 30+ FPS at 1600x1200 res. So I’m assuming you’ve got T&L enabled?

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