Compute shader supersampling (4x SSAA)

Hello all,

I am learning anti-aliasing using compute shaders. I am aware that OpenGL has built-in call(s) for anti-aliasing, e.g., multisampling, but I would like to implement a custom 4x supersampling anti-aliasing (4X SSAA).

Can anyone point me to some GLSL code the implements this kind of algorithm whereby it is called by C++ OpenGL 4.3 or higher? From what I understand 4X SSAA is straight forward but computationally costly, but as I said I am just trying to learn.

Thank you in advance for any hints/links/example code.

OpenGL has Supersampling support as well. Start here:

For GLSL tie-ins, search for “shading language” and “gl_” in the first link.

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Thank you for the links @Dark_Photon