Writting to the Stencil of a Depth buffer on a FBO

Hey everyone!

I have a FBO with an attached 32-bit depth buffer. From what i know, that depth buffer “includes” an 8-bit stencil buffer as well. What i want to accomplish, is to be able to access and write to the stencil buffer from inside a shader (i want to use the space for non-stencil purposes).

Is that possible in any way if the depth buffer is attached to a GL_DEPTH_ATTACHMENT point?

If not, the other possiblity would be to attach the “depth buffer” to a GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT point. If i do that, how do i access the depth value and stencil value? Also, what sort of depth value do i have to store in the buffer for proper usage as a shadow map later on (through shadow2DProj etc)? Does it have to be the fragment’s Z-value, Z/W value or something else?

Thanks in advance!

You can’t read or write stencil data from the shader.

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