WorldViewProj on OpenGL/GLSL?

I am seeing this keyword on most rendering engines like Irrlicht and Ogre, but I can’t seem to find any info or reading on how it is created in plain OpenGL/GLSL. Any ideas?

This terminology comes from Direct3D. In OpenGL, it’s called ModelViewProj.

It’s the composite transform that you’d use in (e.g.) a vertex shader to take input vertex positions and transform them all the way to clip space (aka homogeneous coords in the GLSL spec). This clip-space position would then be written to gl_Position.

Basically, it’s the product of the MODELING, VIEWING, and PROJECTION matrices. Or in legacy OpenGL, the product of the active GL_MODELVIEW and GL_PROJECTION matrices, which is passed into GLSL shaders (in the compatibility profile) via the gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix predefined uniform (see GLSL Spec (compatibility profile)).

Thanks for the detailed info @Dark_Photon, I got it now.

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