I’m playing with the wood shader put out by I think 3dlabs(included in ogl2sdk6 and the Shading language demo) as wood.frag/vert and wood2.fraf/vert. It has a bunch of little black lines it on the 2 ATI cards we have. Does anyone know if this is bug with the cards or some aliasing issues with the shader? We’ve got a 3dlabs card around as well but I’ll need to install it to verify.

If its the shaders fault Anyone else have a wood shader that I can borrow?

Hello Allan, in my web I posted some shader screenshots rendered with a 3DLabs WildCat VP560 card, one of them is the wood shader (the one that doesn’t use a 3D texture) of the 3DLabs SDK. You can compare your results at this page http://www.typhoonlabs.com/index.php?action=gallery.htm (search down for wood shader)

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