Which graphics cards support GLSL

Hi @all,
I would like to know which graphics cards support GLSL or have programmable vertex and fragment processors.
I couldn´t find explicit information on the pages of nvidia or ati.
thanx in advance

All cards that support DirectX 8 (pixel shader 1.1 or higher) support programmable vertex shaders and some form of programmable pixel processing. The GL vertex program extension deals with vertices, but the per-pixel processing varies by vendor; you can check each vendor’s extension registry for specific model support.

All cards that support DirectX 9 (pixel shader 2.0 or higher) support programmable vertex and fragment programs (the ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program extensions) in assembly syntax. This include all GeForce FX cards, and all Radeons from 9500 and up (including the X series).

There’s also 3DLabs cards in the Wildcat series which support a high degree of programmability, but their market share is fairly small. The newest Intel Extreme integrated graphics (915G) also support Pixel Shader 2.0, I don’t know if they’ve exposed ARB_fragment_program yet.

You can compile to ARB_f_p and ARB_v_p from high-level code using the NVIDIA CG compiler.

The cards that support ARB_fragment_program also now start supporting GLSL, although full support is yet to be ironed out (there seemingly are bugs reported in all vendors’ drivers at this point). The exact complexity of the shaders varies between parts, with the GeForce FX 6800 supporting the most complex GLSL shaders, although all shaders that will run in reasonable real time are likely to work on all current GLSL hardware.

I´ve spend a little bit of time digging deaper into the pages of nvidia, ati and 3dlabs and I´ve foung what I was looking for. But thanks for your time. Its a good add on information.

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