Which c++ compiler is the best for openGL

hi… just like the topic says… i would like to know some proffessional or any good tips of wich c++ compiler is the best…

Right now I have dev-c++ and microsoft visual c++ … I want to learn c++ but in which envoirement. ? Is there any better compilers?? the price doesn’t matter…
and wich one of the msvc++ and dev-c++ is best…

hope you can answer this simple questions… and hopefully you’ll add some of your own comments…

Well i have used VC++ 6.0 for most of my programming. I recently got Visual Studio .NET Pro free from my college. So i’m gonna use that. If you are just starting out use 6.0 instead of .net. It’s probably simpler. You have to turn of a few things in .NET to get some things working right and i’ve heard of people having trouble. Borland’s compiler is pretty good too from what i hear. It really doesn’t matter which one you use. VS .Net probably is only troublesome to those few people because they didn’t install it right or some other mistake made by them. It works fine for me. You won’t lose any efficiency and the code is still the same no matter what compiler you use. Also a lot of tutorial sites use VC++ 6.0 so you might have an advantage there if you used it too. Well good luck! Oh and i think the intro version (fully featured but with a stupid message that pops up before ure program starts…is about $99.)

Merry Christmas and have a good New Years


Hi !

Almost any C/C++ compiler will do the job for you (VC6 VC.NET MingW32/gcc LCC Borland and so on), the nice thing with Visual Studio (6 or 7) is that the debugger is one of the best you can find, I do prefer VC6 before VC7, VC7 is i little more messy to use IMHO.


cool… I go for visual c++ 6.0 then … )

you might also want to take a look at intel’s c++ compiler .

i don’t use it, but i’ve heard that it destroys the microsoft compiler performance-wise. in particular, it has built in support for SSE instructions (which microsoft’s next compiler is also supposed to include).

i’ve also heard that you can use it from within development IDEs (such as visual studio and Dev-C++) without too much trouble also. anyway, it’s certainly worth looking at.

Screw Visual. Dev-C++ is the only thing you need. Still waiting for 5.0 release, though.

forget vc, forget microsoft!!!.. devcpp is only solution (ok, it’s not visual but i thing gcc is a much better compiler than vc. and why you need a visual environment for opengl? )

Don’t I need a visual envoirement for openGL programming… hmm… because I want to do a Level editor, so how am I going to do the menus and everything else if I don’t use visual envoirement??
and what about DJGPP ?? is it better than dev-c++ ??

btw. What kind of application do I need to creata a whole 3D-engine programming… like an editor etc.??

thx for all the help so far…

You’d be better off typing out your menus and crap through your text editor instead of using a RAD to do this. Machine generated code is icky to edit.

Come to think of it, I believe the latest GCC is even better than Intel’s compiler. Least that was the case with GCC 3.2.

Originally posted by Deniz:
and what about DJGPP ?? is it better than dev-c++ ??

djgpp is running under dos, so it almost imposible to do some harware-acceletrated opengl coding (there’s some kind of win32 extension but devcpp is surely better for this purpose)

and level editor… ok using rad you may speed up your develompent a bit. and it will increase file size at least 2 times. and performace will probably fall down too (i still think you should give up that level editor and write some convertor for 3ds files or such )

and performace is most important (especialy in game). and gcc is fastest (i think )

ok…thanks… but now I wonder what is
“convertor for 3ds files” ?
I am a begginer so I reallt don’t know very much… and could you explain this RAD thing little better thnaks…
and if you want
also comment what you think of 3D programming, like is it hard to learn etc.

Dev-C++ rocks.

RAD is a, uh, oh what the hell is it…the reason why Visual Basic is a toy and not a language…yeah.

Originally posted by Deniz:
“convertor for 3ds files” ?

3ds file is a lovely file format for 3d models. so you draw everything in 3d studio and then launch you simple(??) program and covert everything in the format you like… (well, 3ds isn’t best idea for more complicated levels… )

I’m using VC++ 6.0. I don’t want to lie to you bu i choosed this one because I just got it first and I haven’t changed my compiler yet. I’ll say more - i didn’t even try other compilers for OpenGL. If you just want to choose the fastest compiler remember about one thing - performance of yors program depend on your skills and compiler is less important. I use VC 6.0 and I get my 85 fps.

OK… so far I want to say thanks to all that helped me.
And I think I made up my mind… I’ll go for either dev-c++ or visual c++ 6.0 , I don’t think that matters a lot… but I noticed one advantage with ms v c++ and that is the amount of tutorials written is specialized for ms visual c++… however, I wonder if you think that it is a good idea to do a 3D-engine or something about 3D graphics with openGL and c++ for my project in school?
I would be pleased if you would give me some idea of what I can do using c++ and openGL… it should be related to “3D-graphics”
Thanks a lot!

You can do everything - just whatever you like but only if you really want to finish your work (ow, i know it hurts sometimes ). Something for school project? Meaby 3d solar system, 3d model of your school, some 3d mathematic functions?

You can use any compiler you want. Visual c++ is nice - but don’t get fooled by the “visual” part - it isn’t like VB. The built-in gui stuff with VC++ uses MFC - which is a large framework and has a learning curve(and it may be on the way out )

Anyway - my personal favorites are gcc and emacs. They are free, powerful, and extremely well documented. And they work in Linux!

Good Luck!!!

I personally use DevC++ and hence gcc compiler. gcc imho is the best all round compiler there is.

What I don’t understand is why some people would rather pay for something like Visual C++ 6.0, or Visual C++ Not Yet, when they could get something just as good, if not better–and the right to modify it any way they desire–for no cost.

Perhaps it’s because more people are familiar with the proprietary crap, and therefore don’t understand that free software does exist that does the same thing. Oh well…

…let’s face it. Software is like sex. It’s better when it’s free.