Which c++ compiler is the best for openGL

And I don’t understand why fanatics like rpxmaster feel the need to trash anyone who thinks differently from them. If you don’t like VC++ fine, don’t use it. But there’s no need to constantly try and trash the people who do use it.

I for one love it and feel it’s one of the best IDEs available. I also have programmed in Linux with makefiles and the GNU tools, so I do know what I’m doing when it comes to compiling stuff like that.

And your comment about RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools… VB isn’t a “toy” because it’s primarily a RAD. It has many weaknesses that have nothing to do with the interface.

  • You can’t easily do multi-threading
  • It tries to be object-oriented, without quite actually being object-oriented (it lacks inheritance)
  • memory management is weak
  • unless you set option explicit on you do not have to pre-declare variables, which leads to sloppy programming and sometimes hard to detect bugs

If RAD was so bad, Borland would be thought of the same way as VB. I’ve often heard Borland users claim it’s better than VC++ simply because it’s “like VB, only with C++.”

I don’t hear you here trashing Borland. I think your main problem is that you are just anti-MS, so you find every opportunity to trash them that you can.

Can’t we all just get along…

Edit: Thought I should note that my comments about VB are all based on VB6. They changed VB.Net to be object-oriented and to make threading easier. But then VB.Net and VB6 are really separate languages.

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I agree with the above. I think you can generally seperate those who answer into two groups --> those who have a job programming for a living and those who don’t. Those who do are interested in RAD because it makes them more productive - VB is a widely and successfully used system in business; where RAD is very important to reduce costs, especially for small and medium sized businesses. You would do well to learn it

Moreover, in terms of IDEs, MS VC++ 7.0 is excellent; probably one of the best out there. We are all using it at work and are very happy with it.

I use to build my programs on C++Builder, and i think beginners in C++ like me, should better use an IDE program, because you can’t learn everything for your first progs( if you can for the next ones, bravo!). OpenGL is so nice to program because you can see a enhancing visual result of your work (more than menus or windows), and RAD can avoid to spend time in accessories, saving it for OpenGL.
Wich of Borland, Microsoft or other IDE environment, should be used… The one know the best, if you don’t… choose the one that accept the more tutorials you will find!