Where you come from ?

Please send your location(maybe we can change the language of the board(joke)…), my is:

Perth, Australia. Aber Ich versteh’ Deustch …

I’m from Sweden. Aber Ich verstehe auch ein bischen Deutch

I’m from Holland und ich spreche kein Deutsch or something like that

Mars station Alpha 1 Zulu Foxtrot, 2nd quadrant, 4th level- deck C, corridor 22/14. room number 457.

I’m from Germany

Canada. I don’t speak German, but my parents do, and we had an exchange student from Hannover last year.



I dont speak Marsian, but my crocodile does. We have food exchange with corridor 22/14!

Im from Greece, Athens

aoetearoa aber ich trink am liebsten deutsche bier?
aber ich trink deutsche bier am liebsten

aaaarggghh the grammer

I’m from Greece,greetings Alkakios3K(and everyody else of course ).

Oh yeah,
PS:Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

The United States, <sarcasm> in beautiful Detroit </sarcasm>. However, I do speak some Japanese!

What the hell… it’s Sunday, I’m bored, so I’ll “contribute” to this most off-topic thread…

Vancouver, BC, Canada. I speak English, Spanish, Italian, and could survive in French if I really, really, really needed to.

rts, you live in Vancouver? I live in Abbotsford, and am studying at BCIT.


Lisbon, Portugal

Melbourne, Australia

I’m from Kazakhstan (this is very close to Russia :-))

Canada->BC->Vancouver eh! BCIT alumni.

India , Kanyakumari- naan oru thamizhan

France , Nantes (the new soccer champs)