Where you come from ?

I’m from Italy… e conosco un poco di inglese, giusto per capirsi!

Oh oh Den Haag,
maujuh stad, agteuh duh duinuh…


Am I the only person here from England? In Hampshire on the south coast.

Well, since i living in Kiev, Ukraine. It seems we have a majority (with guy from Donetsk). So let’s change site language to ukrainian!

I’m from Pakistan…
anyone else from here?

Borlange, Sweden.

Nutty - you’re not the only person from England here. I’m from London.

Nutty, I’m from Scotland- close enough. Gees it was hot here yesterday, and to think I went skiing 6 weeks ago on some great scottish snow.

I will take a bet that I am the only one here from bonnie wee Scotland. (wee = small)

Canada - Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rts, j, Frumpy; greetings from the other Ocean. I only speak English and passable french, but I’ve ordered beer in 7 languages.

Well, I’m from Sydney, Australia, but I’m currently living in London.

Go the Australian contingent!

Adelaide, Australia.

Hey! I´m from Hamburg!!! Smartest city in Germany! And ,as you can see, I speak a little english and: latin!
So let´s change the language in latin, so nobody is neglegted and we all have to learn a dead language (except me! g)

Originally from Nuremberg, Germany, now living in Austin, Texas - speaking english and German, and I can count to 5 in Japanese and to 10 in Greek

I live in sunny Burlington,North Carolina.I may not be fluent in any laguage other than English,but I can say “I want to eat your suitcase.” in Spanish,and “Hello Mr.Sun” in French and Spanish.

I’m from Costa Rica, Central America

Ok, I’ll add to this thread, if only to give the US a better showing.

I’m from Fargo, North Dakota, but moving to Seattle, Washington in about a month.

Deiussum - is that like Fargo as in the Coen brothers’ film?

I’m in Pasadena, California.

Originally posted by Benjy:
Deiussum - is that like Fargo as in the Coen brothers’ film?

Ya! You betcha!

Good movie, but they laid the Norwegian accent on a little thick.

I’m Albert Wang
From HongKong