Where can I get SOIL.lib for x64?


I have VS2015, but I need SOIL.lib for VS2012 both: x86 and x64 in Release. Where can I download them? I don’t want to install VS2012.

For VS2015, you can open the SOIL.sln solution in projects/VC9 and use that. Even if the sln is for earlier versions of VS, you can still open it in VS2015. You’ll get a few window prompts asking you to upgrade the solution, and you can click OK for those.

You’d have to set the build options at the top of VS to Release and either x86 and x64. Then when you build the solution, you’ll get a SOIL.lib file, with a bunch of other files. For x86, the SOIL.lib file will be a Release folder in the same directory as the SOIL.sln file. For x64 build, you can find the lib file in the x64/Release subfolder.

I have built both versions of SOIL.lib: x86 and x64 in VS2015. I keep them in my projects in “Libs/soil/lib/Platform_Win32” and “Libs/soil/lib/Platform_x64” folders. But if my projects were downloaded someone who has VS2012 they cannot build my projects because SOIL.lib was built in VS2015. I need x86 and x64 of SOIL.lib that was built in VS2012 because I don’t have VS2012.

I include SOIL libs in “Additional Library Directories” like this:

Could anyone build soil_x64.lib in Release from VS2008 - VS2012 x64?

I installed Visual Studio 2012 and build SOIL to Win32 and x64.


Maybe it will be useful for someone: soil-vc2012.rar