Weird Bug?

I encounter the following problem using the smoothstep function:

float a = smoothstep(0.5, 1.0, blend);

returns the correct result. However using:

float a = smoothstep(0.1 + add, 1.0, blend);

with add being an uniform float set to 0.4 gives a totally different result.
I already checkt the setting of add, but the variable is initialized correctly.

So is this a bug in the nvidia 77.77 drivers? I sadly can´t try the 81.xx drivers since they seem to have more bugs than features at the moment.


This might very well be a driver bug (or your application’s).
Just a wild shot … try doing

float a = smoothstep((0.1 + add), 1.0, blend);

Don’t ask, just try :slight_smile: .

Thanks, I already did that but it didn´t change. Actually I am using Rendermonkey, so I can´t confirm if this has something to do with the application but I highly doubt that.
Well, I will try another driver as soon as they become available, hope that will help.


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