Water Bubble effect

I have a texture. Using the pixel shader, I need to generate a water bubble effect on the texture. i.e; Ouput should be texture with water bubble lying on top it.

I don’t want to create bubble by using physics technique and then blend it with the texture.

Is it possible to do? If so, Any idea or clues?

You could have the bubble drawing in a texture and then do render to texture.
So you render quad with the bubble texture onto your target texture.

render to texture is doable with GL_EXT_framebuffer_object

Thanks V-man. This I can do.

But can it possible to generate water bubble effect texture, similar to embossing effect or bump mapping, where only the pixels values are altered.

Sorry if I could not convey my question in my previous post.

Exactly what kind of bubbles are we talking about here?

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