Visual Shader Composer looking for testers

I’m looking for a handfull of testers for a application I’ve been working on. It’s a Windows (C#, .NET) based application that lets you compose GLSL shaders by linking highlevel blocks together. Each block represents a method in GLSL, and they are fully defined in XML files. This means that new blocks can be constructed without touching any .NET code at all. Widgets such as sliders, image preview, labels, dropdown lists etc can be attatched to a block and bound to values. These widgets are created with a SDK that’s included with the application. Attatchment to blocks can be set up in the XML block files or added runtime.

GLSL code is generated from the block model and the generated shader code is previewed on a mesh. The application has an editor for creating new blocks that should make the process fairly simple.

When it comes to testers I’m not just interested in spotting bugs etc, but getting feedback on the feel of the application.

Here is a list over the features I’d like testers for at the moment:

  • general useage of the application (usability of the IDE, major flaws)
  • building and using custom shader blocks
  • building widgets for shaderblocks via provided SDK

Later on I’ll release a public beta for the main spotting of bugs andg general feedback. Screenshots are coming soon.

If this sounds interesting, reply to this thread.

Eirik Hoem

It’s wonderful. but I think it will be more helpful to me if you release a Linux version

My email :

Great!!! We were looking for such a tool for our production pipeline. Count me in.

That sounds like a good approach. I would like to try that, too.

stanlylee: that ain’t gonna happen unless Mono gets a move-on and gets ready for production code.

I’m currently implementing the last parts of the code generation and node linking, so the first test should be ready in a few days.

count me in too.

sounds like fun… i couldn’t possibly resist!

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