Vertex weights without an extension??

Hi all,

I am currently writing an OpenGL driver for our 3D engine :wink: (for work) and have come across the following problem…

We use beta weights that are attached to vertices under D3D for skinning our models; now I know that there is an extension to do thi, but my card’s ICD doesn’t have it - Graphics Blaster 3D TNT2 - and we are going to need it.

How easy would it be to provide a software version if the extension isn’t available and is there any information anywhere that I can use?

Thanks in advance,
Luke A. Guest,

You should start by looking at the DirectX Immediate mode Bend sample ( a bending banana ) in the DX SDK. Then, you can get more info in the MSDN library. There is a document on skinning. Just do a topic search on “blending weights” and you’ll find it.

Good luck !