Vertex shader textures?

Do any of the nVidia drivers yet support texture lookups in the vertex shader?

If so, which driver, and what texture types are supported?

I am trying to access a 3D Perlin noise texture and my software compiles, but hangs upon execution. I can access it fine in the fragment shader, but not in the vertex shader. I am using Forceware 70.41.

Yep. All the 65+ series ones should work. I had vertex textures working in OpenGL with them since the first versions came out. Unfortunately I’ve since switched to Direct3D - I gave up waiting for fbo. But I’m still using vertex textures in Direct3D with no problems.

Have you read the GPU Programming Guide? Supported vertex texture formats are R32F and A32B32G32R32F only. In OpenGL dunno about the equivalent to R32F (don’t need it personally), but the other is RGBA_FLOAT32_ATI or RGBA32F_ARB depending on the extension you use. Plus you might have to use texture2Dlod() instead of texture2D() in the shader although I’m not sure any more. You do in HLSL, but maybe not in GLSL.

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