Vertex shader compile error"Too many instructions"

I’ve seen this error message appear a few times in this forum. I’m posting again because, in my situation, the error doesn’t always appear even with the same vertex shader. Here’s exactly what get’s printed out:

Internal error: assembly compile error for vertex shader at offset 13443:
– error message –
line 400, column 1: error: too many instructions
– internal assembly text –

cgc version 2.0.0018, build date Apr 2 2008 00:06:19

command line args:

#vendor NVIDIA Corporation
#profile vp30
#program main

Then comes the assembler listing.

My question is, is there anyway to understand why the shader only sometimes generates this error message? Does the offset value (13443) have any meaning I should be aware of? I would think that the compilation of the shader is independent of any other elements in the environment, and should give the same result each time.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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