Updating output variables

Does the Spec. allow the update of output variables?

For Example in a variant for point-normal triangulation I use this code:

    tcw[gl_InvocationID].controlPoints[0] = vsm[gl_InvocationID].mdPosition + edge / 3.0f;
    tcw[gl_InvocationID].controlPoints[0] = tngPrj(tcw[gl_InvocationID].controlPoints[0], 

During tests on different drivers, I found that I have to rewrite the code like:

    vec3 va = vsm[gl_InvocationID].mdPosition + edge / 3.0f;
    va = tngPrj(va, 

    tcw[gl_InvocationID].controlPoints[0] = va; 

I’m not sure if I should mark this change as “bug” and regularly test it against new driver versions.

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