Trouble calculating 'flat' normal


I use

vec3 flatNormal = normalize(cross(dFdx(, dFdy(;

to calculate a ‘flat’ normal based on the triangle only in the fragment shader. Eyevec is calculated with

eyeVec = gl_ModelViewMatrix * adjustedVec;

where adjustedVec is basically the gl_Vertex, but with an slightly altered z-coordinate.

Now on my own PC it works fine, but on my dad’s pc (older one) it seems like the flatNormal is the opposite of the normal I get on my own PC (which gives the correct results). I’m not 100% sure it’s the exact opposite, but it does seem that if I invert it I get the right results.

any idea what causes this? Is there some way to alter this code to make it more robust?

Thank you!

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