"The GLSL vertex shader will run in software"

Decided to start learning GLSL, so to test my shader loading code, i have simplest shader i could think of :

void main(void) {
  gl_Position = ftransform();

ATI cat 4.7, on radeon 9800XT says: “Link successful. The GLSL vertex shader will run in software - unsupported language element used.”

Same result if i use

void main(void) {
  gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * gl_Vertex;

Any idea what ‘unsupported language element’ I’m using? Or is the warning misleading and there is something missing from the code? Or is it just completely wrong, and I am getting hardware support?

No warnings for either shader from nvidia 61.76 drivers on GFFX5200.

Are you shure that this is all you do in your shaders? I’m having zero problems running Cat 4.7 on a Radeon 9700, even when using more complex glSlang-Shaders.

Is it possible that something went wrong with your driver-installation, or that you use some custom driver (like Omega and so on) that use another GL-driver?

ok, poked at it some more, and it appears to be glEnable(GL_FOG) thats making it fall back to software…

Could someone please verify this? I currently don’t have any ATIs lying around to test it. I have the exact same problem, from the simplest, just like the above example, to the most complex shaders. I was always suspecting gl_FogFoord in ATI’s implementation, never thought of disabling fog altogether :mad: …

Looks almost 100% like a bug. I’ve just tested it with a sample-app of mine, where I use a blur-shader. And as soon as I just use a plain glEnable(GL_FOG); I get the same error.

So I guess it’s a driverbug, and I’ll let ATI Devrel know of that.

This bug has been fixed and will be available in a future release by ATI.

So you got my sample app then :wink: Hope you didn’t mind it was written in delphi. It’s nice to see that ATI cares.

The bug was actually easy enough to reproduce in a simple test app I had written. However, thanks for contacting ATI dev rel with the problem.

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