textureGather sampling artifacts


I am trying to use textureGather to build a custom shadow filter but I am running into sampling artifacts that I presume are due to precision issues (both on AMD and NVIDIA).

The following zoomed screenshot shows the issue:


Here is the code I use to generate this image:

#version 400 core

uniform sampler2D Diffuse;
uniform sampler2DShadow Shadow;

in block
	vec4 Color;
	vec4 ShadowCoord;
} In;

out vec4 Color;

void main()
	vec4 Diffuse = In.Color;

	vec4 ShadowCoord = In.ShadowCoord;
	ShadowCoord.z -= 0.005;
	vec4 Gather = textureGather(Shadow, ShadowCoord.xy, ShadowCoord.z);

	ivec2 ShadowSize = textureSize(Shadow, 0);

	vec2 TexelCoord = vec2(ShadowCoord.xy) * vec2(ShadowSize.xy);
	vec2 SampleCoord = fract(TexelCoord + 0.5);

	float X0 = mix(Gather.x, Gather.y, SampleCoord.x);
	float X1 = mix(Gather.w, Gather.z, SampleCoord.x);
	float Visibility = mix(X1, X0, SampleCoord.y);
	Color = vec4(mix(vec4(0.5), vec4(1.0), Visibility) * Diffuse);

I think the issue lands on a precision issue before the fract as it seems that SampleCoord wrap around. It could when I add 0.5 as just slightly changing (+ or -) this value introduces more artifacts.

Any idea to remove this sampling artifacts?


Do you get exactly the same results on nVidia and AMD; because I would expect slightly different results with a sampling error.

It’s similar but not exactly the same.

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