Texture space collision detection

Hi, I need some help with glsl and 3d texture mapping. I display a Volume using viewport aligned slices (using a 3d texture); besides that I would like to draw some polygons (a triangle mesh) so I would like to know when those polygons are textured with the volume 3d texture; it`s like some kind of “texture mapping based collision detection”, any ideas how to do that?, and how to get the collision info back from the GPU to the CPU?..thanks, Jose.

Marching cubes ?

Hey ZbuffeR thanks for your answer, but the idea is not to use or to create more polygons; just the mesh polygons and the 3d texture…

I still don’t really understand your problem :confused:

Simply enable depth writes for the mesh, enable depth test for both the mesh and the slices.
Draw your mesh first, then the slices in back to front order.

Is that what you need ?

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