TColor with glColor and glClearColor

There may be an easierway to do this but this is the easiest way I found so far:

I am trying to set make my openGL TImage tansparent. If I make the TImage transparent I get a flickering effect when I draw the openGL. So I thought I could use the TColor constants to set my glClearColor. If I make a hex assignment to a TColor it works fine but if I use the constants (ie. clBtnFace) I get strange colors – Red when the buttons are Grey)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use the TColor constants or another way to achieve the transparency of the opengl?

You appear to be inventing your own terminology.

What is a Tcolor.
Could you repost with a clearer question?

State what you want and why you want it.
State what you are doing now and what isn’t working about it.
Use standard terminology so we are all talking about the same thing.

sorry, I’m working with delphi. They have a TColor which is used to set the color the the buttons, textboxes, etc… And it comes with standard constants, clBtnFace is one of them

I am trying to make the background appear transparent. If I set the transparent property to TRUE then I get this really bad flickering effect, so I was trying to grab the color of the component and make that my glClearColor by seperating the RGB values from the color property which is defined as TColor (it’s only the constants which are giving me the problems)