subdividing a polygon

Hi all,

I would like to ask you seasoned folks if there is a open-source library for subdividing a polygon (polyline) into a nice cover of triangles? I’ve discarted the glu-tesselator … I work in a core profile 3.2->
The thing is, that I’ve worked on my own realtime ‘tesselator’ that build the draw-call parameters at every clickUp-event. It’s currently not good, but I have reason to believe that a solid solution is comming up. My thoughts goes toward making an open-source gnu-application to give everyone the ability to use it, but not to sit on it. … that is, IF there not already is such a library (and if it comes out as expected). Currently I add points to a polygon-class, process it and and calls it for a vector<ivec4> of draw-params along with a vector<vector<gluint>> of a list of indices. I think that’s a level of simplicity where everyone can join. To me, it certainly solves a problem that has annoyed for a long time.


Yes, the one in GLU.

The GLU tessellator doesn’t depend upon OpenGL or the other parts of GLU (its only external dependencies are malloc, calloc, free, setjmp and longjmp).

I’m loosing my aversions toward the glu tesselator … thanks GClements

hi GClements & all,
I went through 3 implementations of the GLU tesselator and did not find any code that could be used by a core forward compatible profile. As mentioned I’ve closed in on my own geometric solution and /heureca/ share the moment with me (or the polygon_subdivision.h) the work has been done. Have a look at!339&cid=382E99B169B58267