Start on shader development

My laptop is equipped with a radeon 9000 mobility, and I queried the extensions and found the following:

GL_ARB_vertex_prorgram, GL_EXT_vertex_shader and

Is the GL_ATI_fragment_shader identical to a GL_ARB_fragment_shader and which extensions are needed to start on shader development.

I read that the shading_language extension is necessary if I want to start on GLSL shading - so I think of maybe buying a new graphic card
or is my card sufficient
(my other system with an nvidia gforce 2mx will not do it :frowning: right)

u need a radeon9500+
see hardware for info on which card supports which extension

tnx for your answer thus I will have to spend some money on a new gpu

would you please be so kind and answer my other question on this forum (about some recommend books :smiley: )

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