small warning: no email for 2 weeks

I’m at my parents’ house until January 5. I don’t have access to my email until then. (I’ve been here a day now, so if you sent anything in the last day, I didn’t see it.)

If you have any urgent problems that you can’t post about here, and you need help on them, reply (either with an email address in your profile or in your message) and I’ll email you from another account.

I’ll be reading and posting still, as you may have noticed. Have to have something to do while I’m here.

Scary thing is, my dad’s computer is better than my work computers, at least at the moment… I do my work on 2 P3-700’s, and I’m on his new Dell Dimension 4100 P3-866 with a GF2 GTS right now.

  • Matt

You wouldn’t happen to have access to a WinNT 4.0 platform would yeh?

No, only WinME…

  • Matt