sky box textures?

Anybody knows any good link where I can download a good set of skybox textures?
I am inteested in a red sky with no mountains…
Thanks for your help!!!


You can use Bryce 3D to make them.

I’d suggest making your own and I think that Terragen might be an ideal solution …

It’s free for non-commercial use and has been used fairly often in OpenGL applications for the production of Skybox textures.


I don’t really have time to prepare them seamless. I have a project due soon. I wish I could find something out there already prepared.
I have Terragen and I think it is just awesome, but I am not sure how to be sure that the final result will be seamless

If you do a search on this board (or advanced), you will find a link to instructions on how to make seamless textures in terragen.

Search for sky boxes for quake2… you should be able to find some decent ones like you’re looking for. I seem to recall finding some like you’re talking about.

Good luck with it (search google for “quake2 skyboxes” or something)


what about skydomes. are there any good textures for them

You could try here:

He calls them “environment maps” I think. You have to be a member of gamespy to download the textures (but it’s free).