Shader used to contour data?

I have a question about whether shaders would help me out here.

I have rather low resolution textures (128x128) that represent air movement. I can play these textures so as to animate the air movement. The problem is the source data (128x128) is so low resolution that it appears to be really blocky. Can shaders help me smooth or contour this data? I know there are other ways such as supersampling, etc…I’m trying to keep this processing off the CPU.

Yes, you can sample a texture more than once in a fragment shader, and thus build whatever filter you want (within hardware limits).

Another thing to consider is turning on ANISOTROPIC filtering, and generating MIP maps automatically (GENERATE_MIPMAPS). Set the anisotropy to the max value (at least 16) and see if it helps, although anisotropy usually works better for minification than for magnification.

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