Shader benchmark program

Related to my last question

What are ppl using to benchmark there shaders?

shadeview (old but quite nice)

what else?

ideally I would like to benchmark multiple shaders, ie compare the results in one go

ta zed

Of course there’s gDEBugger.

NV has a new version of FX composer out, and there’s a shader debugger plugin for it.

On the freebie side of things there’s glslDevil. Not sure what the extents of its perf measuring caps are but it seems nice.

thanks modus.

glslDevil looks very nice,
but is unbelievable The programmer has spent hours making it + then doesnt take the 2 minutes to include a simple test, glsl program that you can load. :slight_smile:
or failing that help or instructions on how to use it!!!
I’ll email them for info.

Ill try FX composer if I still havent exceeded my bandwidth at the end of the month.

And you got lumina too, with samples included, and tutorials :

… for those interested in more on glslDevil …

You can try AMD’s GPU ShaderAnalyzer.

NV’s PerfSDK has all sorts of performance counters that’ll work with GL. You can put together a pretty cool perf HUD of your own with these.

glslDevil is a great tool for debugging but no good for performance testing -it’s not designed to do that.
Instructions for use a pretty clear, I thought, on the website.

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