Setup View Frustrum Defined By Planes??

Could someone please tell me how I can setup a View Frustrum for my camera in OpenGL when my classes are as follows?

class cPlane
cVector3 m_v3Normal;
float m_fDistance;

class cViewFrustrum
float m_fFOV; // field of view
cPlane m_ClipPlanes[6];

class cCamera
cVector3 m_v3WorldPos;
cViewFrustrum m_objFrustrum;

I want to pass in a Field of View and have the frustrum calculate the planes … AND setup OpenGL with those planes.


Just scroll down a little next time…
Exactly the thing you need was discussed some posts before yours…
Here it is:


Ok, I was looking at the tutorial, but I was wondering why he calculated the planes after combining the PROJECTION and the VIEW matrix. Now I also read that he says you must calculate it if the camera changes.

All of this information leads me to believe that he is calculating the View Frustum in world space every time the camera changes. Which is EXACTLY what I want.

Is this true??