Setting up Freeglut Code::Bloks

Hi guys. I want to learn OpenGL programming and I tryed to create a pojects on Code::Blocks. So, I created a new empty project and in ‘build options’ > search directories > compiler I put the folder adress that contains freeglut’s include files. In search directories > linker I put the folder address that contains freeglut’s 64bit libraries. In ‘other linker options’ i put “-lOpenGL32 -lglu32 -lfreeglut” but when i try to create a simple source code “main.c” that include “GL\freeglut.h” I get these linker errors…

undefined reference to _imp____glutInitWithExit 12
undefined reference to _imp____glutCreateWindowWithExit 8
undefined reference to _imp____glutCreateMenuWithExit 8

Thanks in advace.
(Sorry for bad English)