Setting Colour to Brown


I am fairly new to openGL and I am developing under MSV C++ 6, I have an assignment which ask we make a door of a house brown amongst other things, I have done the rest of the house, but i was wondering what the glColor3f() would-be to set the colour of the door brown

Your help would be gratefully received

Startup mspaint and open to custom color editor, there you can look up the color you want, just divide each value with 255 to get float values.

Hint: red+green

Try (0.5f, 0.35f, 0.05f)

thanku it’s correct, can u also tell one for pink color.

Try this online tool to edit any color you like. It is in 8 bit format so to convert to values suitable for this OpenGL function call you will need to divide each number by 255