Segfault on compile

Compiling this fragment shader is giving me a segfault on the ATI card I have (hd3400 mobility)…

I have a lot of troubles figuring out what’s going.
I know that ATI is stricter than NVidia on syntax, but still…

Is there something obvious I missed??..

// Fragment shader

// the texture data
uniform sampler2D dataTexture;

// the color map texture
uniform sampler1D colorLut;

// texture pixel size...
uniform vec2 pixelSize;

// nearest or bi-linear?
uniform int switch_interp;

vec4 texture2D_bilinear (sampler2D, vec2, vec2, sampler1D);    

void main(void)
    // position dans la data texture
    vec2 uv = gl_TexCoord[0].xy;
    // look up in the data texture
    vec4 lkup;
    vec4 couleur;
    if (switch_interp == 0){
        lkup = texture2D_bilinear(dataTexture, uv, pixelSize, colorLut);
        couleur = lkup;
	float intensity;
        intensity = texture2D(dataTexture, uv).a;
	couleur = texture1D(colorLut, intensity);
    gl_FragColor = couleur;

vec4 texture2D_bilinear(sampler2D texture, vec2 uv, vec2 pixel, sampler1D lut)
   /* vec2 texel = uv/pixel;
    vec2 f = fract(uv/pixel);

    vec4 toto = texture2D(texture, uv);

    vec4 tl =  texture1D(lut, toto.a);

    toto = texture2D(texture, uv+vec2(1,0)*pixel);

    vec4 tr =  texture1D(lut, toto.a);

    toto = texture2D(texture, uv+vec2(0,1)*pixel);
    vec4 bl =  texture1D(lut, toto.a);

    toto = texture2D(texture, uv+vec2(1,1)*pixel);
    vec4 br =  texture1D(lut, toto.a);

    vec4 sum1 = mix(tl,tr,f.x); 
    vec4 sum2 = mix(bl,br,f.x);
    //return mix(sum1, sum2, f.y);
    return vec4(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);

Compiling … shader … segfault

Is there something obvious I missed??..

This is always driver bug.

You could try to simplify the shader to workaround this. Id try removing the ‘if’ and/or sampler parameter (ie, use global) first …

Yes, I had to remove the if/else to have it worked…
separate the one shader into 2 programs…

It will do for now, I guess, but it is not reassuring…

This shader works for me. Which driver do you use?

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