SDL,OpenGL, GLEW Terminating with a status of 3?


i have a issue with my compiling of opengl sdl and glew i have all my libs and linker flags setup correctly like so

btw you can click open in new tab to see the pictures clearer

my search directories are also setup correctly as you can see below

my headers are setup correctly

i used glewInit like so

yet it still gives me

if for some reason you can’t be arsed to click the link there its terminating with status 3

can someone tell me why and how to get rid of it or fix it i have spent the last 12+hours trying to fix it

using Code::Blocks 10.5 and Mingw with opengl 3.3 glew latest and sdl 1.2

anyone know why im still looking around on google no luck STILL! :frowning:

I don’t know, maybe you could wait more than four hours before asking again.

Or maybe you could copy your errors into your post, rather than sending us to JavaScript-laden websites to figure out what errors you’re getting.

ohhhh man i was hoping i wouldn’t annoy someone with that but on another note whats the problem with the images?? you can see the problems just look at them rather then telling me how its a wrong website im using the feature that opengl message board let me use so why won’t it be respected for that functionality if you think its that big of a problem tell the opengl message board about it and have them change it then you can complain :slight_smile: and ill accept that and change it

i give up 18hours of problem solving on and off and im literally about to send my fist into my monitor
why must i be forced to feel this way when trying to get things to work its not what people want to feel on top of all that

i just want to use shaders how weird can it be!

When you have a code problem, never ever post screenshots of the code, it is totally useless !
Example, for other people to copy paste and fix the code for you.

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