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I am working on an implementation of a water droplet simulator that takes a mesh from 3d studio and creates x amount of particles to run over that surface. This side of the project is working well in openGL.
For the rendering side, I had hoped to set up an array of uniform variables holding the position, texture coordinate, and velocity of the droplets, which I then could update with my particle calculations. Then, per fragment, I was going to basically check to see where I am in relation to all of the droplets, and modify myself accordingly, so make me more specular, apply caustic/shadows, whatever.
I recognize a size limit to what one could expect to pass from openGL, and am cycling a reasonable ,~100, droplets over and over. This seems to keep things in pretty good check, HOWEVER, even for the most trivial of for-loops, like

for int iLoop = 0; i < numParticls; i++
if myPosition.x - particle[iLoop].x
FinalColor = vec4 1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0;

I get ridiculous slow downs. So my question is, for loops of any size at all, which a relatively simple test, am I always going to be screwed speed wise?
Also, as another option, I am trying to let the vertex shader do a check of proximity, then make a basic assumption from that number, such that if one particular triangle has no vertices within a certain distance to a particular drop, then a varying variable will make for a quick reject of all the fragments in that face. But, as above, a simple test of that varying slows it down.
What should I be doing differently or looking to cut the fat?

Thanks for any help,


Two things:

  1. Towards the end, you mention your array is “varying”. Is there a possibility of passing it as uniforms? I’m under the impression that uniforms may be optimized similar to const data items in C++.

  2. This probably won’t help you too much, but try reducing the size of the array and timing your app, to see what kind of an acceptable limit you have with your current hardware.


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