Release key event in GLUT

Could somebody point out to me how to
listen to release key event in GLUT.
I thought it was possible in 3.7, but can;t find it.

Thanks a lot


glutKeyboardUpFunc(). Works just like glutKeyboardFunc(). It’s in the header but wasn’t documented anywhere last time I looked.

Isn’t this in the FAQ? It should be, it’s come up on this board several times before.

you may also use it for the special keys with:

void glutSpecialUpFunc(void (*func)(int key,int x, int y));

furthermore you may want to ignore key repeats, in GLUT there are these two functions:

int glutSetKeyRepeat(int repeatMode);
int glutIgnoreKeyRepeat(int repeatMode);

My glut tutorial has a section that deals with this,

Source code is also provided.


Thanks to you all guys.
It was VERY helpful!