really need help

This is the function declaration in my .h file
int Bricks(GLcharARB *brickVertex, GLcharARB *brickFragment);

This is the declaration in my brickshader.c
int Bricks(GLcharARB *brickVertex, GLcharARB *brickFragment)

These are the lines where I am having problems.
glShaderSourceARB(brickVS, 1, &brickVertex, NULL);
glShaderSourceARB(brickFS, 1, &brickFragment, NULL);

and here is the error that I am getting
error C2664: ‘void (GLhandleARB,GLsizei,const GLcharARB ** ,const GLint *)’ : cannot convert parameter 3 from 'GLcharARB **__w64 ’ to 'const GLcharARB ** ’
Conversion loses qualifiers

does anyone know what is causing this or how I can fix it.

I really appreciate any help i can get

Ok so i got that fixed but now i have a ton of
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “void (__stdcall* glVertexAttrib1fARB)(unsigned int,float)” (?glVertexAttrib1fARB@@3P6GXIM@ZA)

actually all of my
extern PFNGL…ARB
commands have this error, i think that it is a problem with the PADDR in the main of the source code.
I have a header file, a shader file, and a main file that contains my main and display…
anyone know what fixes this problem. thank


ok just fixed those now im just down to

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _
_ShadersBrick referenced in function _main


unresolved external symbol _ShaderSource referenced in function _main

any ideas


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