Ray casting uniformly

Dear all
I want to cast some rays through a local sphere of a 3d CT image uniformly,
can anyone help me how I must write the shader code?
I want to measure the intensity of voxels passed by each ray,
any help from you can’t be appreciated enough.

if I’m wrong please help me, I’m a beginner in programming with opengl.

You really need to ask specific questions. We don’t have the time to design programs for people. If you want help on how to get started with shader programming we can give you links to sites.

ofcourse I didn’t want you to design my program, I just want to give me some idea how I can start writing it.

Do you know how to write a basic shader program?

Yes, I know , but I don’t know how to write .frag and .vert file.
thanks in advance.

Yes, I know , but I don’t know how to write .frag and .vert file.

… So you know how to write a shader. But you don’t know how to put that shader text in a text file, give that file a “.frag” or “.vert” extension, and then load it into memory.

That’s… I… what?

I would suggest you buy something like “OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook” by David Wolff. It is an e-book that will get you into shader programming very quickly

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