Profilling vulkan on Windows

Does anyone know a software to do profilling in vulkan that works on a Maxwell GPU ? I’ve tried nsight, but most of it’s features are not supported on my graphics card.

You might try Nsight Graphics 2020.2 or earlier. I believe it supports Maxwell.


I believe it supports Maxwell.

Application: NVIDIA Nsight Graphics
Version: 2021.3.1.0 (build 30157086) (public-release)

@icarolelis1 You need Turing or later nVidia GPU or try use AMD GPU for Vulkan profiling, Radeon Profiler more better than nVidia NSight for Vulkan/Direct3D12

That’s why I said 2020.2 and earlier. They removed Maxwell support from Nsight Graphics back in 2020.3 (or so say their release notes).

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