Poking functions of a opengl wrapper

how would i be able to make a program that could poke run certain off sets in the wrapper

in dll
glow = false;
shine = false;

how would i write a program to poke those in the memory to true? i have a wrapper and this is another wrapper that has fuctions i want to use but i have the lack of knowledge on how to poke offsets in memory using a diff dll.

LOL im even confused on what i wrote… thank you for your time.

This a little bit way of topic I think, I can’t see anything close to OpenGL, not even close to graphics of any kind…


okay i have a opengl wrapper i made that wraps around a different wrapper that is compiled.

OGL wrapper < .dll < %sysroot%/opengl32.dll

“a” “b” “c”

well i want to make my wrapper “a” poke functions of the .dll “b” so i can make use of something. i want to poke a function in b using a before it gets called to c.

Hi !

Not sure I get what you want to do, if a variable in the dll is exported you can access it and modify it without any dirty tricks using it’s name, if it is not exported then it is not available outside the dll, and you would not be able to find it without having the source code (or at least the obj files).

Trying to mess with offsets in a dll is not very wise to do, it usually ends up in a big mess.