OpenGL usder Cygwin, dll problem

Hello OGL community,

I am porting an opengled application on WIN32
under cygwin32 environment, using gcc-2.95.2.
This application called “vreng” which runs on
Unix boxes, needs Glut.
I have succesfuly ported glut-3.7 library under cygwin32 to link with vreng. The linking uses -lmui -lgdi32 -lglaux -lglu32 -lopengl32. The excutable vreng.exe is built.

However when I launch vreng.exe, Windows tells me that it can’t find GLAUX.DLL.

Please tell me what I have forgotten.
Thanks in advance


I have never seen any glaux.dll for Windows…
After checking my computer, I found glaux.h and glaux.lib (installed with MS Visual Studio 6.0) but can’t find glaux.dll…

I thought the aux lib was for UNIX environment only… Obviously I was wrong but why didn’t glaux(32?).dll come with opengl32 and glu32 ???

Well, perhaps someone will be able to help you (honestly I have no clue on this one !).


Hi there!

Well there is of course a glaux version for
windows (as eric correctly figured out).

But the windows version (at least the one thats shipped with the VC++ compiler) is a static library, where the code is direcly linked into the EXE) Oh, and contains debug infos too .

The problem seems to be, that you have ported the GLUT library, why don’t you use the “offical” one for Windows?

Hope that helped you!



Why I dont’use the “official” glut library
for Windows ?

In fact, my application “vreng” comes from
the Unix World and uses autoconf, automake
and configure to create Makefiles and config.h automatically.

And I am not yet familiar with Visual Studio :slight_smile: