OpenGL Slang Support

I’m going to buy some new hardware that supports the opengl slang. What are my options? Does anything fully support GLSLNG yet? If I buy something now such as ATI 9600, if it doesn’t fully support it might GLSLNG be fully supported by that hardware later?


ATI : R3xx+ (R9500+)
nVidia : NV3x+ (GF FX+)

Don’t know about other IHV.

Does anything fully support GLSLNG yet?
How “fully” do you mean?

Only the GeForce 6 series support vertex texturing and fragment-program looping. Other cards will have to either use clever tricks to work around them or drop back to software.

However, glslang is certainly usable on R3xx and NV3x hardware, so long as you know what functionality to avoid.

You should know ATI driver for linux doesn’t support GLSL for now. They stopped at opengl 1.3.

Does anybody have a 3DLabs Wildcat VP? Does the P10 fully support OpenGL 2.0 (and open OpenGL Shading Language)? The Orange Book has the words Wildcat VP shaded with the wood shader (Color Plate 22). Does anybody know? Thanks.

After reading some of the other threads, it seems like the Wildcat VP (and it’s successor) is superior to the current ATI and nVidia line of cards with respect to support for the OpenGL Shading Language. 3DLabs supports looping, branching (and I guess subroutine calls) whereas ATI and nVidia don’t fully support all those features yet. I don’t exactly know what I’m talking about so somebody please correct me if I wrong.

Wildcat VP has fairly limited fragment programmability (In DirectX terminology it is PS1.3 level). And even its vertex programability is not up to par with GLSL (no vertex texturing, no dynamic branching).

For the moment from a hardware point of view nVidia is the nearest to full GLSL support with its Serie 6. But on the other hand from a software point of view ATI is more advanced in its driver if we believe

Does anybody know if Mesa3d is going to support OpenGL Shading Language anytime soon?

3DLabs : P10+

3DLabs P20 is very advanced, I doubt any other chip match its capabilities, though I cannot say for sure since there’s not many details public yet.

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