I need information about how to develop an OpenGL-program in stereo modus for using Shutter-Glasses (Elsa 3D-Revelator and NVidia GeForce).

I would be very happy about information, where to find a basic program or advice.

GeForce’s don’t support quadbuffered stereo.
If you want to use the automatic stereo feature for games search for the “Consumer 3D Stereo” driver in the download section and read this

paul bourke has a little article explaining 3D stereo rendering using OpenGL. you can read it [ here ].


Originally posted by jebus:
[b]paul bourke has a little article explaining 3D stereo rendering using OpenGL. you can read it [ here ].


Thank you Jebus. This is a really good advice how to start. There is only one problem. I tried this beginning for my program:

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
glutInit(&argc, argv);
glutReshapeFunc( HandleReshape );
glutTimerFunc( 500, TimerFunc, 1 );
return 0;
The Program then seems to have a problem with the Pixelformat, while creating the window and gives me the output:

pixel format with necessary capabilities not found.

Do I have to write it all in Win32 or is there a sollution or mistake I made in “glut”? have example apps etc… tech notes compatability issues etc.

Must admit I don;t use glut for stereo but would that suggest that your card is not set up properly, I assume glut says this when it can’t get stereo? To get stereo you must have a stereo card, opengl stereo turned on on the card and the correct settings in terms of refresh. colour depth and resolution on the monitor. Check your card specs for these.

Guys, read the very first sentence of my previous answer!

THanks for all answers.

  1. I have my Hardware installed right and the Testversion of NVidia is running fine in Stereo-Mode with Shutterglasses.

  2. Relic you are right. There is no Quadbuffering for NVIdia Geforce.

But is there a way to work around this problem.

I tried with an WIN32-Program and found out that there is no Pixelformat that has the PFD_STEREO flag set (I listed them all).

> 2. Relic you are right. There is no
> Quadbuffering for NVIdia Geforce.

NVidia has some stereo drivers for consumer cards ( -> drivers -> consumer 3d stereo).
I’d assume it gives quad buffer but I have never tested it.

Unfortunately these drivers are only available on windows…

When will it be available for linux?

There is a solution that works under Windows2000/XP and that is to use RivaTuner/SoftQuadro to hack your GeForce board into a ‘Quadro’ with quad-buffered stereo capability.
I use this (with GeForce2 GTS and Revelator/Edimensional shutter glasses) and the results are excellent.

David Sykes


“Quadbuffer stereo” - OpenGL API functioanality (GLUT_STEREO, PFD_STEREO, GLX_STEREO, GLFW_STEREO etc). You do all the stereo rendering (draw each frame twice, into separate LEFT and EIGHT buffers).

“Consumer stereo” - Special nVidia drivers that automatically turn non-stereo views into stereo views. The OpenGL programmer does not have to (and can not) be aware of wether his app is running a mono or stereo display.

Unfortunately, most cards only support the “consumer” solution. The RivaTuner / SoftQuadro thing seems EXTREMELY interesting though!

I have just tried the NVidia ‘consumer’ stereo driver on my WinME partition with the NeHe Tutorials in FULLSCREEN mode and most work fine in stereo, though a few totally crashed the machine.

I used Cntl+F3/Cntl+F4 to alter the ‘disparity’ and found 15mm maximum difference between the far points to be comfortable for viewing my 19" monitor from about 600mm.

How on earth do NVidia compute the two views and also avoid using quad-buffers?