OpenGL Appwizard

I’ve been finding myself starting new apps for testing OpenGL stuff a lot lately. I’ve been using Glut becuase it’s so nice to get past the window creation and get into the real OpenGL stuff. In doing this, I’ve been finding myself typing in a lot of the same code for project after project.

I know I could put together a base Glut project somewhere then copy the files over to my new projects, but I decided to go a step further. I’ve started a custom Appwizard for creating Glut apps.

Right now It just creates a basic Glut app with a Display and Reshape callback, but I’m thinking I might add new features to it. I’m thinking I may even just start this project from scratch again and make it a generalized OpenGL AppWizard that can start a project for you that uses Glut, the Win32 API, or even an OpenGL MFC app.

I’m not sure how much interest there would be in something like this, but I’m willing to take requests from people for customization features they’d like to see in this. Got any ideas? Let me know. I’ll probably play with some ideas for the Appwizard I currently have until I get a design worked out for the “final” Appwizard.