Opengl 3.0 deprecation equivalents

Hello, I read part of the new Opengl 3.0 spec. It seems that they list the Opengl 3.0 functions in detail, and then at the appendix go: these functions are deprecated… (previously described in the document)" and list a bunch. Any advice on how to quickly figure out how update to >= opengl 3.0 properly, or do I have to wait for a new Opengl 3.0 red Book. Do I have to make vertex shaders to do equivalent tasks? Some deprecated functions I understand why they are, some are not so clear. I want a document that doesn’t even mention deprecated functions, just gives a pure form of the latest Opengl, so I don’t have to go back an forth between the deprecated list and the spec. Otherwise it’s too confusing.
These are all deprecated:
Ortho, Rotate, Scale, and Translate, RasterPos, autogen mipmap.


Where you downloaded the OpenGL spec, there are also downloads of PDFs which contain each deprecated feature marked IN the text, not only the appendix. There is not yet a document that excludes the deprecated featues, but many people have requested that, so it might be published some time soon (note: MAY).


I use to be able to find that annotated text .pdf, but I can’t find it anymore. Can someone give a link for it? Thanks in advance.

For some reason, the annotated pdf specs are not here:

but only here (“with changes marked”):

Jean-Francois posted a list of non-deprecated entrypoints on his blog here:

He says he’ll be updating it with notes about deprecated features of non-deprecated entrypoints and other such fun stuff.

Do I have to make vertex shaders to do equivalent tasks?

Yep, everything with shader, even vertex position must be passed as attribute.

I think that every openGL 3.0 documentation (even the book) will continue to include all the deprecated function cause they are still available, to read a clean documentation I’m afraid that we must wait till GL3.1. :frowning:

Any doc that show the alternatives of the deprecated funcs

Alternative to what exactly?
If you want alternatives for the matrix functions, there are plenty of 3rd party libs. Here is mine.

Examples are here :

alternative for selection mode :

And here is how i do it -

But basically everything deprecated is replaced either by VBOs (using vertex attribute pointers), shaders and custom matrix functions, stuff you should have been using in the first place.