OpenGL 2.0 in NVIDIA 6200

I am new to this forum and this is my first post.
I am using an old Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 6200.
It doesn’t support openGL 2.0.

Which opengl version does it support?
Can I run opengl orange book examples.
with modifications in the set up calls.
If so, what changes should I perform to make it runnable.

Well, according to this document, OpenGL 2.0 is supported on GeForce 6200.


I suggest you get an updated driver from - as according to this:
Your 6200 should support OpenGL 2.0

(The only problem that could happen is if you have a laptop - in which case you might need to track down some drivers for it)

Have a look at for new drivers.

And yes, the Geforce 6200 does support OpenGL 2.0 (Shader Model 3, so dynamic branching is possible). You only need to make shure you don´t use filtered floating point textures since those will be rendered in software mode ( read: dead slow).

Also, remember that the 6200 is a low-end 64-bit graphics card, so fill rate will not be stellar. It should, however, work fine; just slow on complex scenes or large windows.