Open GL in two windows 😕

I have a Headmounted display with 2 VGA inputs. I’m trying to make an app that renders primitive objects in real-time in two separate windows, with the X position of the viewport slightly offset to simulate an interpupilary distance of 6 cm or more. Has anyone gone about doing this in this way? pointers to source or libraries would be helful! thanks in advance.


stereo apps. i’m guessing you initialise a stereo visual and select the approiate buffer with gl_back_left, and gl_back_right. No, i haven’t coded for a HMD, but I have coded for a CAVE, and this is how we do it. (and, yes, we do need to worry about interoccular distance and all that stuff)
btw you should read some stuff on stereoperception… i don’t know about HMDs, but it isn’t necessarily best to have a interocular dist of 6cm…