Open GL ES 3.1 installation on Windows 7 64 bit with Intel HD 5500

Dear All,

I have Win 7 64 bit with Intel HD Graphics 5500. My OpenGL Version is 4.3 and OpenGL ES is 2.0. Does anyone know if my video card can be upgraded to support OpenGL ES 3.1?

I tried to use windows update for display driver and it is coming as up to date.

Thanks in advance.

Most likely, you’re running the GPU embedded in your Intel CPU.

If you’re got the latest drivers installed for your Intel GPU, that’s the best you can do to ensure you’re running the latest vendor-provided OpenGL ES drivers. However…

You can still develop using OpenGL ES 3.1 on your PC using one of the many OpenGL ES development libraries for Windows. For instance:

[li]Imagination Tech’s PowerVR SDK (specifically PVRVFrame, their OpenGL ES emulation library) [/li][li]ANGLE (LINK, LINK) [/li][li]Mesa3D [/li][li]Qualcomm emulator in the Adreno SDK [/li][li]ARM OpenGL ES emulator [/li][/ul]
Alternatively, you can update your GPU and GPU driver (if your system supports that) which may give you another vendor-provided fully-hardware-accelerated option for running OpenGL ES 3.1+.

Keep in mind when running OpenGL ES applications on a PC that many desktop GPUs don’t support some of the features of mobile GPUs (e.g. some mobile texture compression formats). Consequently, you may end up paying a performance penalty for emulation regardless of which path you choose (depending on your GPU, OpenGL ES application, and chosen OpenGL ES library).

Let us know which option you decide to go with!