Open GL 2.0! With AMD Radeom HD 5450

Hello here, does AMD Radeom HD 5450 support Open GL 2.0,
I am running archicad 19, with this graphics card, but It tell me that my Video memory does not support Open GL2.0!
Total memory is 4GB and all is shared.
The minimum specs for archicad 19(according to Graphisoft ArchiCad official sight) is 1GB.

Please help on this. Thank you

Yes, it supports OpenGL 4.4. Any card which doesn’t support at least 2.1 has probably crumbled to dust from age by now.

This usually means that there’s a problem with the driver installation and Windows is using the fall-back OpenGL 1.1 software renderer.

First, use GLview to check that the issue is actually with the driver and not the application mis-reporting some other issue.

Assuming that indicates that you really don’t have OpenGL 4.4 support, try re-installing the video drivers. If that doesn’t work, you may need to fully remove any existing driver first, either using the driver’s own uninstall option or a tool such as driver sweeper, while the PC is in safe mode.